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Americans could lose control of their browser history

Americans could lose control of their browser history

The U.S senate has voted to deregulate the online privacy regulations set up during the Obama administration, internet companies such as Verizon, Comcast and AT&T are now one step closer to selling the personal information and browsing habits of internet users in order to expand their businesses.

According to the online privacy regulations which have not come into effect yet internet providers were required to ask permission from users before they can share your personal information. This is a much more protected way then to let them use your personal data unless you tell them to stop.

Consumer advocates have shared their concerns that without such protections personal data of users will be used by the companies how ever they like. Jeff Chester of the Center for Digital Democracy said: “Advertisers and marketers are lining up to get access to all the information that’s now available about us.”

Personal data of users is already been tracked by Facebook and Google but internet providing companies can access even more personal details including sites that users visit, the apps they use and the data received from these apps and even everyone you email.

However, telecom companies have consistently argued that Google have access to far more personal details of users then them.

14-year old girl that committed suicide online wanted to return to her mother

14-year old girl that committed suicide online wanted to return to her mother

Miami: The Florida Department of Child & Families have released a 20-page report that reveals that 14-year-old foster child was beaten and abandoned by her mother and suffered years of sexual abuse, she switched 14 foster homes before hanging herself in the shower and streamed it live on Facebook.


The report was released on Monday and it concluded the relationship between the girl Naika Venant and her mother Gina Alexis were the main factor of her suicide. The report also suggested that the state welfare authorities failed to do a better job.

The report has been written by members of a Critical Incident Rapid Response Team, it said: “Despite everything that had occurred between Naika and her mother, Naika longed to be home. She often told her therapist that she greatly missed her mother and really wanted to go back home.” Naika hanged herself using a scarf at her foster home in Miami on Jan 22, she livestreamed her suicide on Facebook.

Her mother beat her with a belt in 2009 when she was sexually aggressive with another child, caseworkers removed her from her mother. Later the therapist asked her how a six year old girl knew about sex to which she replied that she slept in the room with the boyfriend of her mother and they watched “sex movies”.

It was recommended that Naika should live in a “specialized therapeutic foster home” but there were no beds available at that time. The DFC team concluded that mental health professionals should have addressed the trauma itself, rather than treating the symptoms of her abuse and trauma.