United Nations to widen its probe into North Korea’s ‘crimes against humanity’

United Nations to widen its probe into North Korea’s ‘crimes against humanity’

The United Nations Human Rights Council has agreed on Friday to broaden its investigation of crimes against humanity by North Korea, it has decided to document such crimes so that they can be used for prosecution in the future.

The government of North Korea has rejected the United Nations Human Rights Council’s resolution claiming that it was devised by the United States for its own political purposes.

The resolution was actually brought forward by Japan while United States and the European Union backed the resolution, it was presented at the 47-state forum who adopted it.

Experts in international criminal justice will provide strength to the U.N human rights commission office in Seoul, South Korea for two years. A central repository for evidence and testimony will also be established. This repository will also be used for developing strategies for any future accountability process.

John Fisher of the Human Rights Watch group said in a statement: “This not only brings North Koreans one step closer to justice for human rights crimes they have suffered, but should also make North Korean government officials think twice before inflicting more abuse.”

As expected North Korea did not take this resolution well and strongly criticised it, the counselor at North Korea’s mission in U.N Mun Jong Chul said: “The resolution is nothing more than a document for interference in internal affairs of sovereign states and represents the culmination of politicization, selectivity and double standards of human rights.”


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