4 people found dead in Sacramento

4 people found dead in Sacramento

The police in Sacramento has discovered four dead bodies from a home almost 80 miles away from the city, the dead also include two children.

Hours after the bodies were found police in San Francisco arrested an unidentified suspect who was singled out by the police and supposedly knows the victims according to Sgt. Bryce Heinlein of the Sacramento police.

Police discovered the bodies of the four victims after one of their relatives reported that something might have gone wrong. The identities, age and gender of the victims have not been released by the police and they are still trying to find out about the motivation of the killings.

Sgt. Bryce Heinlein said on Thursday: “Preliminarily this does not appear to be a random act.”

According to the deputy chief of staff of staff of mayor Sacramento Darrell Steinberg said that police officials have told him that two of the victims were children. One of the neighbour of the deceased victims have confirmed that the house was occupied by a couple and their 11 and 14 years old children.

Mayor Darrell Steinberg has called this incident an extremely tragic and horrifying crime, he also praised the police force for arresting the suspect so quickly.

Police is still figuring out the time of the killings and has not shared information about how the family was actually killed. Neighbours did not hear gun shots or anything out of the ordinary and the police only found out after family members reported of something being wrong.


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