The most flexible touch screen for smartphones

The most flexible touch screen for smartphones

Engineers at the University of British Columbia have developed a prototype of the most flexible smartphone touch screen yet, this touch screen can be stretched and wrapped and it can detect pressure and hand movement even from a little distance.

Although efforts are being made to create flexible electronics for quite some now and different degrees of success has been achieved. However, this touch screen can be considered a breakthrough, it is made up of thin meshed silicone embedded with tiny electrical devices.

Some of these devices detect the changes in light and pressure and work as sensors, while other devices transfer electricity. All the materials used in the construction of this flexible touch screen are relatively cheap.

The prototype of this screen is 5cm long and 5cm wide and it has been created by Mirza Saqib Sarwar and his fellow engineers from the University of British Columbia.

Further developments in this technology will enable the creation of larger and more practical touch screens. These screens will not only by used in the latest smartphones but in future they can also be used to make human like skin for robots.

This technology can also enable engineers to develop paper thin touch screens which can be hanged on the wall and could be rolled if needed. The detail about this prototype have been published in the Science Advances magazine.


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