British volunteer waiting for justice in India

British volunteer waiting for justice in India

A British human rights worker Nargis Kalbasi is facing a murder case in India and she is not allowed to leave the country until the case is complete.

She has been in India since 2014 and still has not received permission to leave, her case has raised concerns among human rights workers. Nargis is Iranian by descent and was born in Iran before moving to Britain.

The Iranian media has been describing Nargis as a loving and caring woman who has dedicated her life to help the deserving children who have no resources.

People have created many social media platforms in her support in Iran and people have written an open letter to the foreign ministry signed by famous celebrities and lawyers. Her supporters think that she was working for poor children in India, however, she became the target of local politics.

The 28-years-old Nargis has been accused of killing a child and has been sentenced for one year in prison, the death of the child occurred during a picnic arranged by her. She had appealed against the sentence and is currently on bail.

She has denied any involvement in the death of the child.

The parents of the 5-year-old Asim Jalkar changed their original statement regarding the death of their child and insisted that Nargis intentionally killed their child by throwing him in a stream.

Anjna Jalkar, the mother of the child said: “Nargis killed my son intentionally. She had asked me to cook that day and the cooking place was quite far from the  stream. Nargis was drunk, she threw my son into the stream. She killed my son in front of me.”

However, Nargis has denied these accusations and said that she has been targeted because she refused to pay bribe to the tribal people and government officials. The hearing of her case is at the end of this month.British volunteer waiting for justice in India


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