Suicide rate among the Canadian girl has raised

Suicide rate among the Canadian girls seems to be increased in the past year, last year five girls committed suicide in 5 months, Janeli, who is the community health worker said that after this news everyone thought of when this trending will stop, the consensus department of Canada revealed that the suicide rate among the Candian girl or  women has risen, meanwhile the rate of male suicide cases declined in the past year, it said.

Medical experts were much worried for a long time about, the previously rising suicide rate among the Canadian men, according to the 2013 reports, the suicide rate of Canadian men was three times than the female suicide rate, and the recent research shows that the men rate of suicide has declined in the previous years, meanwhile the rate in women is rising now.

In the past year, the rate of suicide of Canadian men was found to be increased by 34 percent, and the percentage of the female suicide rate in Canada was increased by 38 percent, in the year 2013 the percentage of the teenage girls suicide rate was 42 percent at that time.


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