Soccer player who murdered and fed his ex to dogs signs a new deal

Soccer player who murdered and fed his ex to dogs signs a new deal

Popular Brazilian soccer player Bruno Fernandes de Souza who confessed to order the murder of her ex-girfriend and mother of his child has just signed a two year deal with Boa Esporte soccer club.

Bruno had previously played for Flamengo and Atletico Mineiro and has been released just a month ago 15 years before his sentence is supposed to end. He confessed to his role in the kidnap, torture and murder of his ex-girlfriend and model Eliza Samudio in 2010. He was sentenced for 22 years in 2013.

The reason behind the murder was that Eliza Samudio got pregnant with Bruno’s child and demanded financial support from him, instead Bruno used his friends to kidnap her, torutre her and then kill her. He also ordered his friend to feed Samudio’s body to his dogs.

His new deal has angered Brazilian soccer fans and women right’s groups who see this as a sign of a disturbing misogynistic culture.

A Brazilian group known as the Popular Feminist Front of Varghina released a statement that said: “We protest both against this contract and against the willingness of the team and its sponsors to have their images linked to feminicide.

“A woman-killer must not be allowed a life acclaimed by the media. Bruno is no longer just a goalkeeper; his notoriety reflects the ease with which a woman’s life is forgotten in the interests of a sporting career.”

The announcement has resulted in at least three sponsors reportedly pulling out their support for Boa Esporte.


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